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Cheap Xanax 2Mg

Cheap Xanax 2Mg

Whether you are about to walk down the aisle or are on duty as one of the bride’s many advisers, it can be a tricky proposition to navigate the deluge of wedding ideas from Instagram, Pinterest, and the like. You want a Get Ambien Prescription Online. No, wait . . . a Buy Safe Ambien Online. You love romantic, painterly flowers. But you’re also really into Buy Soma Usa. What’s a bride to do?

If you’re wondering what’s new and next for the summer wedding season, we turned to some of the industry’s top experts for their take on what’s in for 2017, from color palettes to unforgettable after-parties:

“We’re seeing a color comeback, like lush green and blush pink.”
—Sarah Haywood, celebrity and royal wedding planner

“We’re definitely seeing a return to celebrations in rehearsal dinners and post-wedding parties. Entertainment should be more than just music and dancing. We’ve had actors dressed in Gatsby attire so that a party was in full swing as guests arrived. For an immersive cocktail hour, we led guests through the leafy grounds of a castle to see mini performances from A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”
—Sarah Haywood

“Locally sourced organic ingredients are still in demand. Beautifully presented, simple food is on trend. Think: burrata with beetroot and lime, mini tacos with a shot of tequila, or mini sliders with a side of sweet potato fries.”
—Sarah Haywood

“Lush flowers, like clematis vine–inspired florals overgrown on pergolas from ceiling to floor.”
—Lisa Vorce, creative director, Lisa Vorce Co.

“Gorgeous summer days call for daytime activities [before the nuptials], from pool parties (think: DJ, massage therapists, mixologists, and a mobile cryo unit or two) to boot camps, hikes, and competitive game days.”
—Lisa Vorce

“A Champagne bar, complete with infused gummy bears or toasting with bubbly-infused Italian ices or Popsicles after dinner.”
—Bryan Rafanelli, founder and chief creative officer, Rafanelli Events

“Naked cakes, once all the rage, are getting covered up just a bit by icing that drips off the top and along the tiers. [This exposes] the layers of cake and icing, and it can still be decorated with other details.”
—Anne Chertoff, WeddingWire trend expert

“Inspired by Coachella and an overall more laid-back setting, brides are adding flowers to their hairstyle, but no longer are the flowers in the shape of a crown that sits on top of the head or veil. These flowers, ranging in size from tiny baby’s breath to roses in full bloom, are woven into a braid or pulled back for a relaxed look.”
—Anne Chertoff

“There’s a definite desire for iconic buildings or settings for weddings, like museums or libraries, rather than something new or trendy.”
—Marcy Blum, wedding planner and Home Goods style expert

“Hashtags are being phased out or are of less importance than they were last year.”
—Marcy Blum

“There’s a growing trend of combining florals with fruit. For example, lemons and thyme in Italy; pineapples, orchids, and camellias in the tropics; or pomegranates, grapes, oranges, jasmine, irises, marigolds, and some orange lilies in Morocco.”
—Renée Strauss, wedding expert and cofounder and CEO, Wedaways

“Heritage weddings are back: The bride and groom return to their roots and implement traditions from their ancestors, like bagpipes, tea ceremonies, beaded and embroidered linens, or wardrobe changes.”
—Renée Strauss

“Soft and delicate details such as vintage floral tablecloths are very hot right now, as are floral patterns in general, which we are seeing a lot of for invitations, menu cards, and reception cards.”
—Jung Lee, wedding design expert and cofounder and co-owner, Fête

“Unique and health-conscious options are also a huge trend we’ll see for summer. Rather than offering starchy pastas, couples are opting for dishes such as legume or zucchini pastas and cauliflower rice or steak. Lighter food allows guests to keep dancing into the night’s late hours. For dessert, customized Popsicles and shaved ice in vibrant, bold hues and macaroon ice cream are big.”
—Jung Lee

“Incorporating technology in a personalized way is also another huge trend we’re seeing. People are missing that ‘hand touched’ and intimate feeling. We recently had a couple offer their guests a photo booth that took their picture and then turned it into what looked like a hand-drawn version of the image, which they could take with them as a keepsake.”
—Jung Lee