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By Adam Warner

Don’t have enough vacation days or funds for that ultimate honeymoon getaway to Paris or Bora Bora? A shorter “mini-moon” trip can still be extremely rewarding and unforgettable. Read about six fantastic mini-moon retreats across the United States that offer newlyweds everything from private white-sand beaches to sailing excursions on Alerion Yachts.

Buy Zolpidem From India

This private island resort in the Florida Keys boasts bungalow-style guest accommodations, white sand beaches and fabulous water sport options. If you’re seeking seclusion, the hotel will be a perfect choice. Little Palm Island can only be reached via seaplane or boat and doesn’t provide clocks, phones or TVs in any of its 30 rooms. A true honeymoon retreat for newlyweds.

Getting there: About 2 hours, 45 minutes by car from Miami, FL

Get Ambien Prescription Online

On top of breathtaking views of the Napa Valley countryside, this intimate boutique property offers three excellent restaurants, two pools with hot tubs, a terrific spa facility and a variety of accommodation options — most notably stylish cottages. The spacious retreats are even furnished with fireplaces, heated floors and alfresco showers.

Getting there: About 1 hour from San Francisco, CA

Buy Safe Ambien Online

Situated in the charming Eastern Shore town of St. Michael’s, the Inn at Perry Cabin lures newlyweds with its colonial mansion, expansive gardens and lovely waterfront location along the Miles River. Meanwhile, couples can also enjoy rejuvenating treatments at the fantastic Linden Spa, multiple on-site dining options and a heated infinity pool. A day sail on the Chesapeake aboard one of the property’s Alerion yachts will be a honeymoon experience you’ll surely never forget.

Getting there: About 1 hour, 27 minutes from Baltimore, MD

Buy Soma Usa

Home to a Tudor-style redbrick building that once served as a dormitory, Desination Kohler is now arguably the Midwest’s most luxurious resort and spa. Rooms and suites at the American Club, the resort’s five-diamond hotel, are stylish and elegant. Newlyweds should consider booking a room at the Carriage House, which is adjacent to the American Club and located directly above the property’s fabulous spa. Meanwhile, couples can play four unforgettable golf courses, dine at five restaurant venues and enjoy numerous outdoor activities at Kohler’s 500-acre wilderness preserve.

Getting there: About 2 hours, 15 minutes from Chicago, IL

Buy Roche Diazepam Uk

This charming B&B in Northern Virginia also hosts one of America’s finest restaurants. From the old-fashioned decor to the inventive and perfectly-executed American cuisine by chef Patrick O’Connell, a meal here is truly an experience in itself. The 18-room inn boasts well-appointed accommodations, including two-story suites with balconies and garden views.

Getting there: About 1 hour, 28 minutes from Washington, DC

Buy Phentermine Gnc

Surrounded by 22 acres of gardens and farmland on the East End of Long Island, this charming luxury inn stands out with individually designed rooms, an acclaimed farm-to-table restaurant, plus a speakeasy with trap doors and secret passages. The boutique property also makes a perfect home base for exploring the North Fork.

Getting there: About 1 hour, 45 minutes from New York, NY