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Rustic Woodland Theme

Colour Scheme: Mocha, Brown & Green

For a perfectly pretty rustic themed wedding, think hessian table runners and chair sashes and beautiful wooden centre pieces. To add a quirky touch to you table arrangements, why not try personalised wooden table confetti engraved with the names of the bride and groom? For the floral arrangements, how about a flower crown for bride and jugs filled to the brim with wild flowers for the tables. For the music, a harpist will make the ideal whimsical accompaniment.

Nicola’s Top Tip: Adorn the tables with an array of white candles and tea lights in various shapes and sizes as their soft light will lend a dreamlike quality to your tables.


Colour Scheme: White & Dusty Pink

2017 will see the return of the traditionally elegant wedding. Think candelabras; three tiered iced wedding cakes; bridal bouquets brimming with roses; rose petals down the aisle; white chair covers; lanterns with floral collars; and a traditional piano accompaniment. A traditional fairy tale wedding.

Nicola’s Top Tip: Stick to white or pink roses for your bridal bouquet, as these are the most traditional choices and symbolise love, joy and beauty.

Glitz & Glamour

Colour Scheme: Gold, Silver & Red

Another up and coming theme is all out Hollywood glamour! Go mad with glittery decorations, sequin table runners and large LED letters, maybe Mr & Mrs? You could also adorn your tables with diamante table confetti, and oversized cocktail glasses in place of vases. A photo booth and a red carpet will bring a soupçon of star-studded style and a live band will really set things off in style!

Winter Wedding

Colour Scheme: Dark Reds & Greens

For a magical winter wonderland wedding there are a few component parts that will make it one to remember. Lots of candles, pine cones & evergreen foliage, log fires, lanterns, hot chocolate favours and fairy lights will all help to make your winter wedding truly unforgettable. Check out Buy Zolpidem From India bouquets for some frosty inspiration, and Get Ambien Prescription Online amazing cover ups for a touch of seasonal glamour that will keep you toasty in your bridal ensemble.