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"If I could leave more than 5 stars, I would! I had the pleasure of working with Dj Artistic for my Companies Holiday Event. He was very accommodating and professional throughout the entire planning process. We have received nothing but great feedback from the attendees regarding the music. He kept the crowd going & the dance floor was packed the entire night. Dj Artistic was by far the best Dj I have ever worked with."

Brittany B. Client

"Artistic really made our wedding special. He brings another level of professionalism, reliability, and skill to a powerful and complex craft. This is not your mothers wedding dj!!"

Jessica B. Client

"DJ Artistic played our wedding on November 5, 2016 at The Inn at Sunset Cliffs. We would highly recommend him to anyone reading this review. He was super professional, attentive, timely, and thought of details we would have never thought of. DJ Artistic thought of and brought uplighting and a special monogram that really added to the ambiance of our wedding. The music was great too! Wedding planning can be stressful and it was so nice to have someone like Art on our side helping make things as smooth as possible! One thing that really touched me was that he coordinated a surprise speech from my dad, who was unfortunately unable to make it. The sound quality of the speech was unreal and my dad was calling from India! Thanks Arthur!"

Pri B.

"What to look for in a wedding dj? My wife got to make mostly all of the decisions in our wedding, but my priority was the music. For me, I was looking for professionalism, experience, music ear, able to read a crowd, ability to energize the guests, and communication. Dj artistic met these expectations and more. I normally don't write yelp recommendations but yelp is how I found our wedding DJ. From lighting, to music, he was right on. He provides great tools and timelines which is key for coordination of any event. We had great communication through FaceTime and email when questions came up. All the guests loved our music selections because it fit us. Dj artistic makes the wedding about the couple and expresses their energy through music. To me this is priceless because music sets the tone of the wedding. So do you want someone who just plays a playlist or do want an actual quality dj who can mix, edit, and express yourselves as a couple? Your wedding is a once a lifetime event and you can make sure you are in good hands with Dj artistic."

Jorel C. Client

"This review is for the service of San Diego Best DJ's. Artistic and Tramlife are hands down the best, most professional DJ's I have worked with and I would give them more stars if I could. I have had the pleasure of using their services on several occasions and they deliver every time and on point. I highly recommend booking San Diego Best DJ's for your wedding or next special event. I will use them every time. Don't waste your time shopping around, these guys are the real pros! Thanks fellas! Iron Mike"

Iron M. Client

"We had the pleasure of having DJ Artistic DJ our wedding. He was one of the best vendors we had the pleasure of working with. As a bride we all know the stress levels can go up and Art was very calm and helpful through the entire process. He gave us examples of what to use for processional, recessional, dinner, bouquet toss, and so much more! He went above and beyond when he came to our home on several occasions to make sure our list were what we wanted. The wedding day came and he didn't miss a thing! The music was great my guest loved his MC skills and so did we! I definitely recommend Artistic as your wedding DJ if you want a smooth vendor, that you don't have to worry about."

Alexis W. Client

"I will definitely be hiring DJ Root again! DJ Root was very nice and professional. He showed up an 2 hours early to setup. He recently deejayed my wife 45th birthday and he was great. He went above and beyond to keep the party going. Root kept my family and friends dancing all night long with his deep collection of music. He had everyone moving to the music. Thank you DJ Root & San Diego Best DJs!!!"

Brayden B. Client

"DJ Artistic is amazing. He read the crowd perfectly, catering to the varied ages so that he could please everyone. His demeanor is extremely pleasant and professional. I highly recommend anyone looking for an amazing DJ experience to reach out to DJ Artistic."

Betsy V. Client

"These guys are clutch. I am a local DJ and I reached out to Artistic to rent some equipment for a wedding reception and not only did they give me a decent affordable price for the rental equipment (Speakers & Lights) they even arrived at the time I requested, set it up & broke it down. Thanks to DJ Tramlife & DJ L for the assistance in the set up and break down. They where kind professional & punctual. I paid via paypal and everything I asked for was taken care of. Artistic thanks for always coming through when needed. I plan on using San Diego Best DJs again this summer for another gig."

Trey Peezy Client

"DJ L and San Diego Best DJs are as good as it gets. I was asked by a friend of mine to help put together his wife's 40TH birthday party. Bar, DJ, Caterer, etc.. I had heard DJ L out a few times at some San Diego hot spots and have always been impressed with his sets, musical knowledge, and ability to move a crowd. I reached out to him am boy am I glad I did. He was super professional to work with and all of our guests could not stop talking about how good the music was that night. I would hire DJ L again in a heartbeat and refer him to anyone looking for a professional DJ for any occasion. Thank you DJ L, you were amazing!"

Pete D. Client

"DJ L, (Lavell) was a wonderful addition to our wedding! I had never heard of San Diego Best DJ's, or of DJ L. I was referred to him by a childhood friend of mine. She put me in touch with Lavell, who was amazing from our first contact. I met Lavell at a coffee shop to go over the inital details of what we were looking for in a DJ. My husband couldn't make it, so it was just me and my 18 month old daughter. What impressed me, is that Lavell not only took care of business, but he also offered to clear the table, grab me a to-go container, and help getting my disaster child out of there. :-p My husband and I were having a very intimate backyard wedding in El Cajon. At first we were just going to use an iPod and Spotify to play music for the wedding, but decided we wanted a professional DJ to help us move things along. It was the best decision ever to hire Lavell. He was great at understanding our needs and wants (no first dance, announcing dinner and toasts, playing a mix of current music, oldies, and mexican favorites). He never seemed irritated or confused by my scrambled playlist and requests. Although Lavell was a friend of a friend, he treated us very professionally. Showed up on time, dressed perfectly, ready to party with us! Lavell has a great personality. My only complaint is that we should have booked him for longer- and should have had him play a bigger role in getting the crowd hyped! In fact, we asked him to stay longer, which he would have, except he had a previously scheduled gig elsewhere! I would recommend DJ L and San Diego Best DJ's to anyone and everyone that asks me. Thanks so much Lavell, we loved having you there!"

Kaitlin W. Client

"Art is as good as it gets. It is no secret in San Diego that he and his crew provide the highest quality DJ services around. Everyone knows him and his guys for their top tier DJ'ing. But what about his lights?! His up lights have made 3 of my events home runs. Truly passionate about what he does, no corners are ever cut. The venue I run is over 5,000 sqft and has 19 foot ceilings, this room is not easy to make feel like it is a club or party, but it is always made possible with his lighting services. I will use his services and his services only for any of my needs."

Dylan M. Client

"My fiancé and I got engaged on Christmas and decided a few days later that we -and by "we", I mean "she"-would get married at the end of January! The one thing I took the reins on was the music and hiring a DJ. I've been listening to Art aka DJ Artistic spin in clubs, bars and local events for more than five years, so I had no worries about the music being great. But I was blown away by his professionalism! I knew he took his business seriously when he demanded a consultation. Art who is aptly named, sincerely wants you to have the best experience possible. He takes pride in his work and it shows. Art actually came to our rescue, because he helped us focus on the day. During the consultation, he made us think of things that never crossed our minds and because of the time crunch and distance, (I live in SD and my fiancé lives in OC) we had to do everything via FaceTime! He went through a detailed timeline of the entire event making sure we got all the special songs we wanted at the correct times throughout the night! He even checks in with you up to the big day to make sure there are no major changes he needs to know about. On the day of the event Art and his assistant-yes!, he came with an assistant!- had to travel from San Diego to Riverside for our wedding. He set up and broke down his equipment in several different areas to accommodate our ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. We had several different special performances throughout the night and Art was able to provide us with wireless microphones, mic stands as well as a guitar hookup! Things don't always go according to plan at weddings, but you'd never know with Art at the helm. The music scheduling changed several times and Art was able to roll with all the changes and never got flustered. An added bonus to our reception was Art's gorgeous uplighting and monogram! If you are trying to decide if you'd like this at your reception my suggestion is yes!!!! It added so much ambiance to the room. He was great at reading our crowd and keeping the flow of the party going! Having a great master of ceremonies is just as important as the music itself and Art is a consummate professional. If you want your wedding to go seamlessly with great music and you want to your guests to have a great time, look no further than DJ Artistic. He is worth EVERY penny. You will NOT be disappointed."

James T. Client

"This review is different because DJ Artistic and San Diego Best DJs could be considered competition for me. However here in San Diego the DJ community has stuck together and suppprted each other better than most industries in this city. DJ Artistic is not just a DJ, but a professional at whatever he puts his hands to do. I have seen his work for over 30 years now in music and deejaying. From nightlife, to corporate parties, and even weddings DJ Artisitics, talent, character and professionalism is 2nd to None!. I would hire him anyday of the week for any event and know that my clients were going to be taken care of! When you come across his outfit or him personally for DJ or events services don't waste anytime thinking it over! BOOK HIM ASAP!"

Brandon N. Client

"ARTHUR MITCHELL aka DJ ARTISTIC worked so hard to make our wedding ceremony and reception flawless! Finding a good DJ is a critical part of wedding planning, as this decision can greatly effect the outcome of the day. DJ Artistic covered every detail for the music, microphone and speaker systems for our outdoor wedding and cocktail hour and reception. Everything flowed so beautifully and our guests had the time of their lives. We received so many compliments about unbelievable the music was..............the dance floor was always packed! At the end of the night they were begging for more. We appreciate all the time and effort the DJ Artistic placed into answering our questions, assisting us with the planning process. He reviewed and executed our timeline for ceremony, cocktail hour and reception, with great precision. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND Arthur Mitchell "DJ Artistic" for all your wedding needs! I guarantee you will not be disappointed!"

Christine Client

"Art was awesome for our wedding and was very flexible when he had to move around due to rain. He was always friendly, supportive and kept the crowd happy!"


"Above and beyond.. Perfection!  Art was our wedding DJ, could not have been more impressed with his professionalism and ability to please the crowd. Armenian/Black wedding and everyone was happy!!  I highly recommend and will use his services again. Very attentive to his clients wants & needs.. 🙂 Thanks ART!"

Jackie B. Client

"Originally we were not planning to hire a DJ, but after meeting with Art we were hooked! He was available to us whenever we had questions or needed input. He was very helpful in providing examples and samples of what other couples had done that worked well. My favorite suggestion he gave was to announce after dinner that all wedding guests go to the dance floor for a group picture. After the picture was taken he started playing our dance music and this immediately got the dance party started! A few guests even commented on how they thought this was a brilliant way to get everyone dancing."

Shana W. Client


Art is by far the best DJ ever. He goes above and beyond to make sure his clients and their guests are happy. I had the pleasure of working with him this past weekend for a very dear friend's 50th birthday party. Very attentive, quick to respond and does whatever to help to take your event to the next level. He even stepped in at the last minute with a backdrop. I highly recommend Art!


Yolanda G. Client

"What can I say about Arthur that hasn't already been said in the below reviews. This man knows his stuff.  He gave great ideas and had a lot of insight to offer that would help make our event spectacular.  I had complete confidence from the first time meeting up with Arthur that he was the perfect fit for our event."

Raquel A. Client

"DJ Artistic covered every detail for the music, microphone and speaker systems for our outdoor wedding and cocktail hour and reception.  Everything flowed so beautifully and our guests had the time of their lives.  We received so many compliments about how unbelievable the music was..............the dance floor was always packed!  At the end of the night they were begging for more."

Christine B. Client

"The Best DJ Ever! It was a pleasure working with Art for my sister's 50th birthday party this past weekend.  From start to finish, Art has helped us create the city lounge vison that she had with lights, a red carpet and we as music that keep the party going & the dance floor packed until the very end.   More importantly Art stepped up and help us out with a component of the party (the red carpet back drop) didn't arrive in time. For our next party I already know who I want to use."

Brandie S. Client

"DJ Artistic kills it! He is the perfect mix of professional, easy going and organized. He made our day that much better and much more fun! He is very easy to get in touch with, very articulate and just an all around great person. He provided the perfect combination of musicality, awesome emceeing, and unique up lighting. We were beyond impressed with what he brought to the table, especially at a very reasonable price. We happily and sincerely recommend DJ Artistic to anyone getting married soon. He won't disappoint."

Aubree J. Client

"We used DJ Artistic in our booth at CES this past January, and he definitely went above and beyond, providing not only excellent DJ service with the perfect blend of music, but also as an impromptu emcee for the various entertainment acts we had going on in our booth. He was a perfect spokesman for the client, while also being the ringmaster for our whirlwind of booth craziness. At this point I'm actively searching out client opportunities where I can hire him again. Art is also just an exceptional guy, and wonderful to work with."

Christina W. Client

"I recently worked with DJ Artistic at my 18th Annual VIP Golf Tournament. His service at the event was professional. He arrived early to the event and set up with very little direction. He knew exactly what needed to be done. Artistic was prepared to play a variety of music to please our golfers. I received various compliments throughout the event in regards to his music selection. When the serious golfers asked Artistic to turn down his music for them to concentrate, he did with no complaint. He kept our event fun and made the time pass by quickly for our volunteers. VIP Inc. looks forward to working together at another event."

Maritza R. Client

"I have worked with many DJ's being in the wedding industry for 4 years. I've had some who do not have experience in DJing where they just play music off of You Tube. DJ Artistic makes sure to take the time to get to know the couples to play what they want to hear on their wedding day. He also comes in early to set-up and is ready on time. If you're looking for a real DJ and someone who can MC well, give this guy a call!"

Nicole M. Client