Cros One

There really isn’t a party that DJ CROS ONE hasn’t rocked from his countless residencies, ranging from his humble Hip Hop beginning, the Motown sounds of yesteryear, even the fist pumping electronic music of today; CROS ONE has done it all. Collecting records since the beginning and eventually opening a record store/clothing store aptly named The Armory, he has been entrenched in the musical and cultural soundscape of not only San Diego, but the entire World with his crew by his side, the Armory Massive. In 2010, he was called upon to DJ the Black Eyed Peas Tour as the VIP ROOM DJ, where he rocked pre-parties and after parties across the nation alongside renowned artists such as Ludacris and LMFAO. CROS ONE has also rocked his share of corporate events for companies such as Bacardi, Blackberry, Fernet Branca, Glide, Red Bull and more. A major figure in the worldwide music scene, CROS ONE is shown love and respect wherever he goes, whether he is the visitor or the host; he has even collaborated with some of the largest music festivals like Bumbershoot, Rock the Bells and Soundset. Locally, you can catch him hosting his parties Motown on Monday as well as Wu-Tang Wednesday/West Coast Wednesday, which are both nationally recognized with a network of promoters running the same format across the US. This space could be used to list a ton of more accomplishments, but just let DJ CROS ONE show you in person, live and direct, what it means to get a party rocked!