DJ Sushi Brown

Hi there, I’m DJ Sushi Brown. I was born and raised in San Diego. Growing up, I was always into music and living in such a diverse city has helped me to appreciate all genres of music, from mariachi to hip hop. I started Djing in high school and have not stopped scratching since. DJ Qbert and DJ Craze were my inspirations as I’ve watched videos of that inspired me to get into DJING. Listening to the radio and looking for the next hits was something that drew my attention to play the best music possible.
I’ve DJ’d all around San Diego, primary weddings and private events.

When I see the crowd listen to me DJ and keep their attention, it just validates my love for what I do. It’s the best feeling to grab ahold of the vibe of the crowd which has motivated me to mix good music for the people and to know what the people want to hear.

My goal as a DJ is to create lasting memories. Helping crowds have fun and enjoy the good times around them is key. Currently I am Djing weddings, quincierneras, birthdays,x mas parties, and different clubs and bars In San Diego. I’m the only DJ you’ll ever need if you need someone to DJ your event.