17 Wedding Trends of 2017 You Won’t Want to Miss

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2016 was one for the books. Weddings were jam-packed with dessert bars, wedding hashtags, succulents, touches of metallics, and naked cakes. Most had a DIY element and the rustic chic theme made a killing.

Now, as we head into 2017, we’re forced to wonder, “what will this year bring?” Our prediction? 2017 is going to be a great year for weddings. Think more individuality, simplicity, and understated elegance. Here are the 17 wedding trends that we are excited for in 2017:

1. Say Yes to Greenery

Look, we love flowers just as much as the next girl. Peonies, hydrangeas, ranunculus, all to die for. However, there’s something to be said about an all green wedding. Not only is it more cost effective, but it adds a more earthy, simplistic, elegant feel to the ceremony and reception. Consider adding a garland down your aisles or table. Spice it up with some intermittent candles or even some flowers (see above – we couldn’t help ourselves).

2. All White Wedding Trends with a Pop

All white weddings started to become popular in 2016. However, 2017 is bound to take it one step further by adding in a signature color or pattern to liven up the mood. Be ready for more gorgeous and unique mix-matched all-white bridesmaids dresses. Keep an eye out for more lip color, colored florals, greenery (see number 1), marble patterns, and the like. 2017 brides are about to make the classic theme more specialized and individualized and we can’t wait to see what happens!

3. Splitting the Bill

For decades, the bride’s family footing the entire bill has been a tradition. We think the message of 2017 will be equality. No longer will that expense be solely on the bride’s family, the groom’s family will begin chipping into the budget as well!

4. Splashes of Watercolor

Watercolor has become more of a trend lately, outside of just weddings. It’s about time they get more incorporated into these special moments! We are expecting to see this wedding trend on wedding invitations, cakes, menus, and programs.

5. Metallic Vintage Glam

Vintage Glam and metallic touches were both big touches and wedding trends in 2016. In 2017 we see a slight shift happening. Instead of the typical silvers and golds, they’re being replaced by rose golds, champagnes, and bronzes that will be understated and glamorous additions to the weddings.

6. Weddings that GiveBack

Our society has gotten increasingly charitable over the years. With many couples getting married at an older age or after they’ve been living together, registries have been harder to put together as they find that they don’t need as much. Instead of trying to find something they want but may not need, they ask their guests to donate to one of their favorite nonprofits. Many couples are even using charitable donations as a more meaningful and personal wedding favor.

7. Multi-Use Wedding Decorations

Wooden and calligraphy decorated signs have become more popular since 2016. Many of those signs are being reused in different weddings or given away to charities. However, we believe that the decorations of 2017 weddings will be more focused on a multi-use purpose. While they’ll be displayed on the big day, the ultimate location will be displayed in their future home together.

8. Trendy and Unique Flowers

No, we’re not saying that peonies are going away. We’re just suggesting that they will be paired with some unique and more untraditional flowers. King proteas are going to make a huge showing, as well as moss, berries, and jewel-colored florals.

9. The Main Attraction

Backdrops at the reception and ceremony are going to be more decadent and aimed to act as a major focal point of the entire wedding. These focal points may come in the form of a floral or greenery backdrop, a building, ribbons, or even an art piece.

10. Keeping it Intimate and Surprising

Fewer couples are opting for a large extravagant wedding. We’re betting 2017 will be the year of destination and city hall weddings.

11. Neutral but not Subdued

You can’t get rid of neutrals quite yet. Not just white, cream, and ivory, but also gray’s, beiges, muted purples, blues, and pinks. They’ll move away from the uniformed one or two colors and incorporate a mix of multiple colors and shades.

12. Mix-Matched Wedding Trends

With rustic chic as a big hit in 2016, 2017 was going to have a hard time finding new wedding trends that could come close. As you may have noticed, we think that this will be the year of “mix and match.” Imagine a garden theme in a modern building or twinkling lights and candles in an industrial wedding. It’s modern meets ethereal, rustic chic meets vintage glam.

13. Hanging Decorations

Think outside of the box. Long gone were the days were the only decorations were sitting on the tables. Now, it’s about immersing their character into every inch and aspect of the day. Balloons, chandeliers, hanging candles, we’re waiting for you!

14. Cocktail-Style Receptions

Dinner tables and less networking friendly settings are starting to become a thing of the past. Couples are hoping to get more face time and interaction with their guests. Instead of large tables with centerpieces that breakup the line of sight between one side and the other, they’ll be replaced by high-top cocktail tables and family style dinners. It’ll encourage guests to get out on the dance floor and talk to each other more!

15. Aerial Photography and Videography

Not getting a videographer is one of the major regrets that brides have. Without one, you can’t re-listen to your vows or re-experience some of those special moments. This year, videographers and photographers alike are stepping up their game and getting the help of drones to take your love to new heights (see what we did there?).

16. Tech-Savvy

Outside of the now norm of a wedding hashtag, couples are taking it one step further and purchasing Snapchat geotags. We predict that this trend will continue to grow to become the new normal. In addition to Snapchat geo filters, live streaming will become more popular as family and friends that can’t make it still want to be a part of the big day. To top of the tech-savvy wedding, look for photo booths to be replaced by selfie stations, complete with fantastic lighting of course.

17. “Go Big or Go Home” Styled Honeymoons

With the uptick in smaller and destination weddings, we think couples will be focused more on their honeymoon together. They will take the money they would’ve spent on a wedding and instead take more time off and travel longer. If they do opt for a wedding, the honey fund will most likely be at the top of the registry.