18 Wedding Ideas That Will Only Appeal To The Most Awesome Of Couples

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There’s a good chance that your wedding will be the biggest and best party you’ll ever throw. When you think about it that way, it only makes sense to inject as much fun into the big day as humanly possible.

Below are 18 wedding ideas that will help transform your wedding from stuffy occasion to super cool celebration.

  • This Beyoncé-inspired engagement photo
    He liked it so he put a ring on it.

    Credit: @luvaj/Instagram

  • This very informal save-the-date
    It’s goin’ down, yo.

    Credit: SplashOfSilver/Etsy

  • This honest RSVP


    “I’m in

    your wedding party, idiot. Wait, is this optional?”

    Courtesy of Katie Kerr and Chris Sabino

  • This hanky for your bridesmaids
    Kim Kardashian crying faces are strictly forbidden.

    Credit: wrenbirdarts/Etsy

  • This cheeky program
    “A practical guide to not falling asleep and figuring out just what exactly is going on.”

    Credit: AMBPhoto

  • This Secret Service ring bearer

    one’s getting in that box.

    Credit:Kim Le Photography

  • This Diddy-esque reception entrance
    Champagne showers up in here!

    Credit: MattsRod/Reddit

  • This Polaroid guest book
    Bonus points for the Outkast reference.

    Credit: wild{whim}design+photography

  • This wheel o’ fun
    Everybody will want to spin this, we guarantee it.

    Credit: Studio 29

  • This bar sign
    Now your drunk friends and relatives can’t say you didn’t warn them…

    Credit: pseudodesigner/Imgur

  • These cookie-and-milk shots
    The best kind of shots in the whole wide world.

    Credit: Theilen Photography

  • But if we’re talking actual booze, then this pairing
    No, your eyes do not deceive you. Those are mini-taco chasers.

    Credit: Cassandre Snyder

  • This bounce house
    And you don’t even have to take turns because it’s your wedding day and you can do as you please.

    Credit: David Childers

  • This pimped out dessert table
    Bonus points if you give your guests to-go boxes so they can eat their creations on the way home.


    Almond Leaf Studios

  • This photo with your ‘maids and the flower girl
    Bad influences.

    Credit: Maria Vicencio Photography

  • This late-night food truck
    Your guests are definitely going to work up an appetite on the dance floor.

    Credit: Jihan Abdalla Photography

  • This superhero wedding party shot
    With great power comes great photo opportunities.

    Credit: Hoffer Photography

  • This hangover kit
    Your guests will thank you later.