Jorel C.

What to look for in a wedding dj? My wife got to make mostly all of the decisions in our wedding, but my priority was the music.

For me, I was looking for professionalism, experience, music ear, able to read a crowd, ability to energize the guests, and communication.

Dj artistic met these expectations and more. I normally don’t write yelp recommendations but yelp is how I found our wedding DJ. From lighting, to music, he was right on. He provides great tools and timelines which is key for coordination of any event. We had great communication through FaceTime and email when questions came up. All the guests loved our music selections because it fit us. Dj artistic makes the wedding about the couple and expresses their energy through music. To me this is priceless because music sets the tone of the wedding.

So do you want someone who just plays a playlist or do want an actual quality dj who can mix, edit, and express yourselves as a couple? Your wedding is a once a lifetime event and you can make sure you are in good hands with Dj artistic.