The top 5 most popular wedding themes for 2021

By Easy Weddings

As couples start planning post-COVID weddings, they’re more and more excited to embrace bright, bold colours and big celebratory vibes. The biggest 2021 wedding theme may in fact be JOY, as in the sheer joy of finally being able to gather in person with all your people.

Every year, we see wedding themes and style trends evolve. Some of the most popular wedding themes in recent years have been Boho, modern, traditional, rustic, gardens, DIY, and so forth.

These trends are absolutely still on par with what couples want, but we’re also noticing an uptick in couples focusing on the emotional atmosphere of their weddings as they head into planning for 2021 and 2022 weddings. For some couples, an intimate wedding on a secluded beach is exactly what their lockdown daydreams have been about. For others, a big, raucous celebration in a glitzy, glamorous setting is even more desirable.

When it comes to setting your wedding theme — whether vivacious or simply romantic — your venue will play an integral role in setting the tone. Here, we take a look at the top 5 most popular wedding themes that are easily matched to different venue styles.

Rustic Wedding Themes

The most popular wedding theme of 2021-22 is rustic, with nearly half of Australian couples planning a wedding that includes rustic elements. Though this theme might conjure up images of wagon wheels and vintage furniture, the term rustic is much more wide-ranging than just barn style.

For rustic wedding venues, picture historic buildings, farm stays, cellar doors, heritage homesteads, warehouses, and vineyards. These kinds of venues are easily paired with earthy elements and muted colour palettes that give that rustic atmosphere an element of style.

The rustic theme gives off a more relaxed vibe that’s all about the wedding evoking a sense of chill. You might bring in a bluegrass band for entertainment during cocktail hour, or invite your guests to an outdoor spit roast for dinner. It’s all about being a little earthy and creating a laid back atmosphere where your guests are comfortable relaxing with a good drink and even better company.

Outdoor Wedding Themes

Throughout the pandemic, we saw the popularity of outdoor wedding venues rise, and that trend appears to be continuing through 2021 and likely well into 2022. Why? Being outdoors brings a lovely, natural feel to any wedding.

A secret garden or a secluded beach are the most popular outdoor venues for Australian weddings, though farm stays, vineyards, open-air marquees, and urban rooftops offer more options for dining and dancing alfresco. We’ve even seen gorgeous Great Gatsby themed outdoor weddings with perfectly manicured gardens overflowing with boozy cocktails and shimmery decor.

Modern Wedding Theme

Modern wedding themes really run the gamut of styling. They might include bold, bright colours that feel festive and vibrant. Or, they might take place in a modern venue that’s really sleek and minimalist with lots of windows or a loft-style atmosphere.

Sleek fabrics, dried florals, statement installations, velvety lounge zones, and loads of candles are just a few of the trends we’re seeing in modern wedding themes this year. The venues that match this kind of styling are typically spaces that feature high ceilings, timber or concrete floors, exposed wood beams, floor-to-ceiling windows, and contemporary lighting.

Traditional Wedding Theme

A classic, romantic wedding is typically described as having a traditional wedding theme. About a quarter of Australian couples say they’d like to have a traditional wedding. Of course, this can mean anything from a white wedding theme to using a more traditional setting like a church ceremony followed by a ballroom reception.

Other venue styles that often make the hit list for this couple are spaces like luxury hotel venues, heritage buildings, private estates, Art Deco banquet halls, art museums, and botanic garden venues.

Bohemian Wedding Theme

Boho wedding themes have been popular for a few years now and they’ll continue their reign this year and next. Similar to the laidback atmospheres of outdoor and rustic weddings, Boho weddings are all about embracing a chill vibe. Design and styling usually errs on the side of polished but not too try-hard, and embracing rich color stories and all things local (food, music, wine, flowers) are key to pulling off this theme.

Beach wedding venues and out-of-the-ordinary spaces are big hits with this theme. Many couples who are opting for a Boho vibe also love wineries, warehouses, and restaurant venues, as long as there’s some access to an outdoor space like a garden or courtyard.