Top 5 Wedding Dances for Adventurous Couples


A couple’s first dance is an iconic, emotional, and symbolic moment at most weddings. It’s an opportunity to officially welcome the newlyweds and witness the beginning of their new life together. And for some, it’s an opportunity to show off their sweet dance skills!

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, chances are you’ve seen a viral video of couples and their wedding parties busting a move during a surprise dance routine. Whether it’s a touching medley for the bride’s benefit or big, choreographed number, these wedding dances are unforgettable.

Interested in seeing some first dance ideas? Check out a few of our favorite wedding dances and other fun musical ways to make your day special below!

1. Break out of the norm

This couple took the crowd by surprise when they replaced the traditional slow dance for a fun routine, proving you don’t have to go full-out with your entire wedding party to bring a little life to your wedding. You and your partner can spice the first dance up with simple choreography and the right attitude!

2. Surprise your partner, like this groom & his team of professional dancers

You’ll notice that most of the videos on our list are a combined effort between the new spouses, but sometimes brides and grooms choose to make things extra special by going off-record and surprising the crowd and their partner.

3. You can honor tradition while still getting a little funky

Even the most traditional wedding has room for a little fun. Just look at this talented couple who knocked their sultry choreography, set to “I Put a Spell On You,” out of the park—including a magical finale!

4. Bring a little life to your ceremony, like the infamous “JK Wedding Entrance Dance”

This may be a round-up of awesome first dances, but no wedding viral video list is complete without this popular couple’s fully choreographed entrance.

5. Don’t be scared to have fun (or look a little silly)

Remember: your wedding is all about you—and planning a fun dance is the perfect opportunity to not take yourself seriously and thoroughly enjoy yourself. Check out these groomsmen going all out to “Single Ladies.”


Bonus tip: support from your team is paramount

A properly executed first dance doesn’t go off seamlessly without a little planning. It’s important that your wedding party, members of your team, your MC, and your DJ are all in the know. Your MC can help clear the dance floor while your DJ perfectly syncs up your audio changes, leaving you to focus on remembering your moves.