Wedding DJs vs. Live Bands

Source: BPMSupreme

Weddings are the hallmark of many people’s lives. This day should provide you, your

partner, and all your guests with memories that will last forever.

The enormity of this event makes all the details, large and small that much more important. Hiring a live band, although a very appealing route to go in terms of ‘live musical ambiance’, could be very costly and cause more problems than one would expect.

Hiring a DJ for a wedding is a fail-safe avenue to go down for many reasons. Read on and see why hiring a Wedding DJ is a bit more practical in terms of cost,

logistics, and overall entertainment.

Easier Setup:


A band’s setup takes time and is usually more convoluted than a DJ’s setup. There is also

the issue with the amount of space a band needs to setup. An organized and equipped DJ can easily adapt to many spaces and will be ready to kick off the party without having an overly cumbersome setup.


Musical Variety:


Live bands do offer a unique sound, but live bands usually don’t have the capacity to play enough material for several hours. DJs usually have enough content and own a diverse collection to keep things going for much longer.




The bride and groom know exactly what they want. Hiring a live band can prove risky in terms of not knowing what to expect. Although bands do their best in covering a song and imitating all the sounds, sometimes even a really talented wedding singer can’t perfectly match those high Mariah Carey notes.




If just one member of the live band calls in sick, it will definitely cause a huge issue with trying to replace the sick member. Finding a replacement member to play the instrument would be almost impossible.

A seasoned DJ will more often than not have a backup DJ to cover the event just in case of any emergencies.

Fewer Breaks:


Playing a live musical instrument like drums, guitar, bass, or any other type of analog instrument requires extra energy, especially in a synchronous group. It’s not a matter of IF the live band will take a break; it’s a matter of when and how often. Breaks can kill the mood and the momentum of the party.

With a Wedding DJ, the music keeps going and will keep the wedding guests dancing through the night.



Sound checking for a band is really important. Every instrument needs to be leveled perfectly during sound check. It takes time and patience. If there is something off, it will definitely be noticeable. Also, once the music starts it will be very difficult, if not impossible to control the volume. If the volume needs to be lowered, then it will affect the sound quality.

A DJ’s arsenal is equipped with higher production quality MP3s and song files. The DJ has the ability to turn down or more importantly turn UP when needed.


The purpose of this article

is definitely not directed towards putting down live music performance for weddings, as there are plenty of really talented and professional wedding bands. There are also plenty of couples that are adamant about a live music performance for their wedding. There is something really special about seeing live music.

But for practical purposes, a DJ might be the best option for wedding couples who are on the fence about hiring a live band.

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